Department of Surgerical Diseases at Tashkent Medical Academy

The 1st SCS (base of medical faculty) and the 1-RC (medical-pedagogical faculty), which is the base of the surgical department of the Tashkent Medical Academy, have modern diagnostic and treatment methods and fully meet the requirements of the clinical base. Currently, SCS has 1 emergency department (33 beds), department for surgery (34 beds), microsurgery and plastic surgery department (34 beds), burns department (18 beds), and pusher surgery (21 beds).

Works of Department of Surgical Diseases

Educational works

The educational process is carried out by highly qualified professors and associate professors using modern teaching methods that fully meet international standards.


Scientific works

At the Department of Pediatric Surgery Research works are being carried out on some of the most urgent directions of modern emergency, routine and colonic surgery.


Treatment works

The 1-SCS and 1 RCC, which are the base of the Department of Surgery of the Academy of Medicine, have modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods and fully meet the requirements of clinical practice.